The latest developer diary for upcoming MMORPG Skyforge shows a management system for strengthening your god and developing your adepts.

Players can become gods in Skyforge, but it doesn’t happen overnight. A developer diary shows players how to reach godhood through the complex Order system.

Players’ characters are immortals with special powers, tasked with protecting the world. In this video, creative director Alexander Mishulin and Obsidian Entertainment development director Eric DeMilt explain how players can go through the long process of becoming a god in Skyforge by gaining prestige, becoming stronger, and effectively using believers. Every immortal has their own order, which players manage through followers and adepts.

Adepts are followers who are willing to use their special talents in the player’s name. Adept warriors can deal with invaders, and adept healers can deal with plagues. Along with followers’ sermons, residents will remember the good deeds done in the player’s name. With a better reputation, players will receive gifts to make adepts stronger. Once a player has reached a maximum number of adepts, these adepts can become missionaries to preach and find more followers.

Players will also become stronger as more people believe in them; followers make up one-third of an immortal’s strength. The better one’s reputation, the stronger the character becomes and the higher their statue is erected. Players with high prestige will see their statues made out of more valuable materials from bronze to silver to gold to stones that glitter in the rainbow.

Mishulin noted that players can manage adepts also through a portal that contains several Skyforge services. From there, players can instruct adepts to go on missions or collect offerings. This can be done even during working hours, Mishulin added with a laugh.

Skyforge is scheduled to start a closed beta in North America and Europe this year on PC.

Source: Skyforge

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