Here is everything you need to know about how to get and use the Alohomora charm in Hogwarts Legacy to open locks.

Alohomora is one of the most iconic spells from Harry Potter, being first used in The Sorcerer’s Stone and proving useful throughout the entire series to Harry and his friends. It’s no wonder that Alohomora is also one of the most useful spells in Hogwarts Legacy, giving players access to important chests filled with unique loot and plenty of money — so here is how you unlock this classic charm in the game.

Get the Alohomora Charm in Hogwarts Legacy By Completing the Main Story Quest, “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament”

Players will meet with the Hogwarts caretaker Gladwin Moon in “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament,” the 22nd main quest, starting near the moving staircase next to the reception hall. Moon will instruct you that he needs to watch to see how the Demiguise statue alters between the day and night cycle, and he asks you to bring it to him.

You will actually get access to the Alohomora spell before you’ve completed the quest, as once you handle two more Demiguise statues you enter the unlocking spell’s minigame. Now you have access to Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy and can go around campus unlocking chests to your heart’s delight. Just be sure to make room in your inventory for whatever’s inside.

Also, players should note that the Alohomora spell they’ve unlocked at this point will only be level 1 and only work on level 1 locks. As the game continues, players can upgrade Alohomora up to level 3, which will be able to tackle any locks in the game.

How Do You Use Alohomora to Actually Open Locks?

Now that you have Alohomora, you will want to uncover a locked chest or door. Before starting, make sure that you have the proper Alohomora level that the lock requires. Once you go near a lock you have the level to unlock, you will press the interact button that kicks off an unlocking minigame.

You’ll want to start the minigame by rotating a green spark on the left of the screen, which you can do with your left stick. Rotate this until the gears in the bottom right start moving. Next, you will have to figure out where to put the green spark to make the gears properly rotate to unlock the door or chest. This will vary from chest to chest.

Once you’ve figured out where to place the green spark, just hold the left analog stick in the direction that causes the gears to move. This will allow you access to a red spark, which you should also start rotating with the right stick to put in the proper position and move the appropriate gears. Once you’re holding both sparks in the right positions, the lock should open.

That’s all you need to know about how to get and use the Alohomora charm in Hogwarts Legacy to open locks, which will help you make money faster.

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