Here are all of the best and fastest ways to make money (lots of Galleons) in Hogwarts Legacy, to afford all the expensive stuff.

Best Ways to Make Money in Hogwarts Legacy

Whether you’re looking for some coin to spend at the Hogsmeade shops or just need some cash to buy your friends a round of butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, having plenty of Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy can make the game easier and give you more of a chance to explore all the Wizarding World has to offer. So let’s discuss the best strategies for buffering your Gringotts account and make money in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Here Are the Best, Fastest Ways to Make Money in Hogwarts Legacy: Get Those Galleons

One of the best ways to make a quick Sickle is by selling items, gear, and loot to store owners. During your adventure, you will be able to find countless clothing items or materials on Hogwarts grounds, and while you’ll want to use some of this, the majority can be sold for a considerable profit.

Plus, as you find newer, better equipment, it’s a great idea to sell those dated lower stats that you no longer need now that you’ve found something better. This will also prevent your gear slots from overfilling. It is possible to sell any gear at any shop regardless of what that shop sells, meaning you can pawn those robes off at the bookstore and the owner will put up no fuss at all.

Another way you can make money in Hogwarts Legacy is by looting the castle’s many sacks and chests. These vessels will either hold high-selling items or just straight money, meaning you’ll want to open any chests you lay your eyes on. Sometimes you’ll only be rewarded with a small payout, but other times you may win big with as many as 80 Galleons. This is also made significantly easier once you’ve learned the Alohomora spell to open locks during the sidequest “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament.”

Also note that there are special chests with an eerie single eye scattered throughout the game. To loot this eye chest, you will want to watch from afar until the chest relaxes. Next, cast the Disillusionment spell before sneaking up on it to grab the impressive haul.

Finally, if you have been breeding and capturing beasts, selling these magical animals can offer some pretty impressive payouts at 120 Galleons per creature. In order to breed animals, you will need to complete the Room of Requirement sidequest, which gives you access to the Vivarium. Once unlocked, the Vivarium will allow you to store fantastic beasts you’ve captured throughout the Wizarding World. Note in order to catch beasts that you will also need to complete the “The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom” main story quest as well.

Now you know all of the best and fastest ways to make money in Hogwarts Legacy, which is good, since changing character appearance can be expensive.

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