You need good staff to succeed in Dave the Diver, so here is how to get better and/or the best staff to hire using Internet Ads.

How to Get Good New Staff in Dave the Diver

One of the best parts of playing Dave the Diver comes from the awesome Sushi Restaurant management sim part of the game when you help Bancho manage the restaurant by providing materials for dishes, organizing the menu, participating in the service, and managing the staff. Hiring new staff will increase your costs in running the restaurant, but the benefits they can provide you are excellent in keeping customer satisfaction high from being well served — and you can turn around a lot more customers than you can with just yourself and Bancho. Although, one thing to be aware of is that not all staff are equal in their capabilities. You need to be mindful of their stats and where you assign them, as well as which recruitment method you use to update the list of available staff. Let’s review how to get good new staff in Dave the Diver.

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How to Get Good and Better New Staff in Dave the Diver with Ads

When you’re at Bancho’s sushi restaurant, open up the Staff tab option, and in the bottom left you’ll see the staff hiring poster and a button underneath it. Hit that button to bring up the staff recruitment section. You will have three main options to go about recruiting new staff: Flyer Ad, TV Ad, and Internet Ad. Flyer Ad and TV Ad are OK to do if you’re low on cash and really need staff, but the Internet Ad is really where it’s at for obtaining the best staff possible.

An Internet Ad will allow you to receive a list of four staff to choose from, which is more than the other methods, but the real best benefit is that it allows you to be shown staff that are at a much higher level than whatever your current Cooksta rating is. This means you will be able to hire staff that will exceed your expectations and be able to do a job that will see you absolutely crushing every restaurant service.

You need good staff to succeed in Dave the Diver, so here is how to get better and/or the best staff to hire using Internet Ads.

That’s how you get yourself some of the best new staff to add to your roster in Dave the Diver. Pick and choose some of the sweet new staff from your Internet Ad, and you’ll have Bancho’s Sushi Restaurant cooking up and serving up a storm in no time!

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