How to Get the Golden Pumpkin for Quick Cash in Stardew Valley

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On a special day of the year, the villagers of Stardew Valley throw a spooky festival to celebrate the Halloween season. If you can navigate the hedge maze, there’s a valuable Golden Pumpkin to collect. Learn how to get this rich bounty below.

There’s an endless checklist of tasks to accomplish when you’re running the abandoned farm in Stardew Valley. That’s why every enterprising farmer is going to want plenty of cash to upgrade their inventory, improve the homestead, or purchase gifts for their friends in and out of town.

Speaking of cash, there’s another way to get quick coin. Check out how to earn 2,000 gold or more at the start of Stardew Valley with our quick beginner’s guide.

Golden Pumpkin – Secret Item Location Guide

The Golden Pumpkin is a unique, hidden treasure that sells to vendors at 2,500 gold. Follow these instructions to get one of your own.

  • 1. To start your quest for the Golden Pumpkin, wait until Sat. 27 in Fall. That’s when Pelican Village has its annual Spirit’s Eve festival.
  • 2. Enter Pelican Village and find the fairgrounds. There are tables covered with seasonal food, and north of that you’ll find Pierre’s vendor booth.
  • 3. Continue north to find the entrance to the hedgemaze. To solve the maze, follow these directions; go all the way right, up and first left, then around and up to the flickering TV. Turn left at the TV to reach the central fountain.
  • 4. From the fountain, continue left, up and right to reach the four standing stones. Go to the “room” with the question-mark sign.
  • 5. At the question-mark sign, walk left against the hedge maze wall. There’s a secret section you can walk through here. Leave the maze through the opening above and to the left of the tree.
  • 6. Walk up and into the mine entrance door. Inside, move right and exit down to find the treasure chest with the Golden Pumpkin.
  • 7. The Golden Pumpkin is now in your possession. Sell it back at your farm for an easy 2,500 gold.

There’s more to experience in the Spirit’s Eve festival. Don’t miss out on Pierre’s shop, where he sells unique items like the Crone costume, Jack O’Lanterns, and recipes.

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