Crash Bandicoot drains your lives fast as you near the end of the game, with progressively more challenging levels. If you’re running low on lives and need more fast, here’s a trick to stock up.

As we’ll explain below, a few of those old tricks to earn infinite lives won’t work in the N. Sane Trilogy. Lives don’t respawn every time you enter a stage, so there’s a (semi) tricky way to make those things reappear.

This guide is devoted to players that are pretty far in Crash 1, but haven’t quite finished the game yet. There’s no need for Color Gem unlocks here. If you’ve reached the last island and unlocked “The High Road”, then this trick will work for you. If not, you can always farm for lives in the first level.

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How To Farm Lives In Crash 1

Lives aren’t as easy to earn in the N. Sane Trilogy. Lives don’t respawn constantly — if you want to farm the same stage over and over, you’ll need to save and quit before returning to stages with easy lives.

To speed up the process, here are several stages you can visit in one go. Visit these stages (if you’ve unlocked them!) to grab a bunch of lives. When you’re done, save, quit, and load to continue your game. The lives will respawn then and only then.

  • N. Sanity Beach [5 Lives]
  • The High Road [4 Lives]

On the stage “The High Road”, there are two lives at the very start, and two in a secret area behind the beginning point. Follow the fruit to jump on invisible boards and reach the second set of lives.

You can also earn an easy 5 lives on the very first level. Just run through it — it’s very safe, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

There’s another method for infinite lives that’s far, far slower. You can play “The Lost City” and farm the swarms of bats. Just stand under the bats as they spawn and use spin-attacks to slowly (VERY SLOWLY) collect fruit. It’ll take a literal hour to of monotony to get 99 lives. Yeah, don’t do that.

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