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Rewind time to uncover photogenic opportunities scattered across Episode 1 of Life is Strange with these ten locations.

Armed with a camera and the power to reverse time at will, giving the player another chance at changing important events, photography student Maxine returns to Oregon only to find herself embroiled in a deadly mystery.

Like any good adventure game you’ll need to explore locations, talk to colorful characters and solve puzzles. On top of all that, there are photo opportunities available throughout the first episode. Some of these are hidden around the environment, but others require more creative use of your powers.

Episode One – Optional Photos Guide

There are ten optional photo locations available in Episode 1: Chysalis. Each has a unique achievement / trophy attached to completion.

Optional Photo #1 – Macro Eyes

The first photo opportunity is found in the classroom. Look for a note to Rachel scratched in the desk where the player was originally sitting.

Optional Photo #2 – Wide Angles

Outside the school there’s a bronze statue with a cane. That’s your photo opportunity.

Optional Photo #3 – Telephotogenic

Near the low wall, before reaching the road, look for Justin in blue clothes. Talk to him and use rewind until successfully convincing him to perform a “Flip” trick. He’ll screw up and hurt himself in the process, leading to the photo opportunity. Snap a shot of him while he’s on the ground.

Optional Photo #4 – Close-Ups

In a dark patch in the trees, there’s a squirrel playing with a soda can. Look around outside the dorm building’s far side.

Optional Photo #5 – Red Eye

Return to your dorm room. To the left of the door, there’s a mirror. Use it to snap a selfie.

Optional Photo #6 – Focused

Next, travel to Victoria’s room. To the left of her door, choose to “Mess Up” the wall of neatly positioned pictures. Take a picture of the ruined photo wall. Rewind time to avoid consequences for this choice.

Optional Photo #7 – Zoomed In

Leaving the dorm building, “Warn” Alyssa of the incoming football. Rewind if you’re not fast enough. The football breaks a nearby window instead — take a picture of the smashed glass.

Optional Photo #8 – Focal Point

Walk over to the RV prominently found in the Parking Lot. Choose the “Draw” option on the window, then take a picture of your creation. Like the “Mess Up” option, you can rewind to reverse these changes and escape future consequences.

Optional Photo #9 – Maximum Aperture

At the lighthouse, immediately turn around and walk back down the path from the starting point. There’s a blue jay on a stone perch you can photograph.

Optional Photo #10 – Light Leak

Follow the path to the bench where Chloe is sitting and watching the sunset over the sea. Take a photo of her to unlock the final achievement or trophy.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Visionary (55 points / Bronze):
    Take all optional photos in Episode 1: Chrysalis

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