How to Recycle in System Shock Remake

How to Recycle in System Shock Remake

The System Shock remake lets you recycle all sorts of things, not because it’s environmentally friendly but because the profit you make will help you survive the game. What at first glance might look like an earwax-encrusted stethoscope always means money to be made. If you’re ready to get in on this and learn how to recycle in the System Shock remake, we’ve got the answer.

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What You Need to Know About Recycling in System Shock

The first thing you need to know is that you can recycle junk items and you can recycle scrap. Junk items such as medical beakers, broken weapons, and so on are marked as junk when you move your cursor over them. 

Junk items can take up a lot of room in your inventory, with each piece usually occupying at least two spaces. What you can do instead of carrying bulky items around is vaporize them. You do this by right clicking and choosing vaporize (or button Y and then button A on an Xbox controller) which will turn it into scrap. You can fit up to 100 pieces of scrap in a single inventory slot. 

The catch is that you need ten pieces of scrap to get one credit. So, while you’re freeing up inventory slots you’re also losing money. Recycle a broken handgun and you’ll get 3 credits, but vaporize it and you’ll get 1 and a half credits worth of scrap.

How to Use A Recycle Station 

First, you’ll need to actually find a recycle station. For convenience, I’ve marked the location of the Medical Level recycle station on the map below. Once you’re in front of the station, activate it, and drag the items you want to recycle (whether they’re junk or cubes of scrap) into the box on the top left. 

Exit and you will be able to push the button on the station. Your shiny new credits will then drop out of the hole on the right. Unfortunately, you can only recycle items that fit in the recycle station’s box. In one case, I found that a damaged pulse rifle was too big to fit, so I scrapped it and recycled the scrap for credits.

What Gives The Most Scrap When Recycled?

You’ll find all sorts of items on your journey through Citadel Station. You can see what their scrap and credit value is by hovering your mouse pointer over them in your inventory. So far, the items that I’ve found give the most scrap are damaged weapons. 

You’ll find these scattered around or, sometimes, you’ll get them off the bodies of defeated enemies. For example, you’ll sometimes find broken pulse rifles on the cyborgs you’ve defeated. System Shock doesn’t want to make things too easy, so just because an enemy is blasting you with a weapon it doesn’t mean you can pick it up and use it.

So, you can recycle pretty much anything in the System Shock remake, but it’s sometimes better to turn some of your junk into scrap because of the convenience. If you’re looking for more tips or info on the game, make sure to take a look at our range of guides

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