How to Solve The Totally New Easter Eggs In The Zombies Chronicles DLC

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Just recently, fans of the Zombies Chronicles DLC for Black Ops 3 have discovered a brand new Easter egg that’s hidden in every single one of the remastered Zombies maps. Here’s what it is, and how to solve them all.

Previously, it seemed as if Treyarch’s late-term add-on for Black Ops 3, called Zombie Chronicles, would only included 100% faithful recreated maps from the long and storied history of the Call of Duty: Zombies survival mode. That isn’t the case — the developers at Treyarch included brand new Easter egg content, all related the Samantha, the mysterious little girl that bookends the concluding chapter of Treyarch‘s Zombies storyline.

It’s complicated. Solving these Easter eggs requires some past-familiarity with each map. We won’t delve into every detail — we’re just going to explain how to complete these Easter eggs for a bonus Max Ammo and a few Samantha-related surprises.

Samantha’s Lullaby Easter Eggs Guide

NOTE: To initiate the Samantha Easter egg on each map, you’ll need to (at least!) unlock the Pack-a-Punch.

These Easter eggs were discovered by the Call of Duty: Zombies community, and the videos are created by Zombies master MrDalekJD on YouTube. Find more of his videos right here.


Step #1: Flush the far-left toilet in the restrooms three times. Wait for the “Lullaby” song to finish playing.

Step #2: Continue flushing! Return to the toilets, and flush the right toilet nine times (x9), the center toilet three times (x3), and the left toiler five times (x5). Successfully input the code and you’ll hear a Samantha noise.

Step #3: Go to the Wonderfizz machine to find a gold Samantha Maxis figurine. This begins the Samantha Hide-And-Seek minigame.

Step #4: Search the map and listen for Samantha’s lullaby — that means she’s nearby. Shoot her each time you find her! Often, she’ll be outside the map.

Step #5: You have a limited amount of time to find and shoot her tiny statue. There are five locations total on each map.

Step #6: Return to the original Samantha statue to retry the minigame if you time out, and return to her to get your reward if you successfully finish it. You’ll also get to listen to the secret song, “Samantha’s Sorrow” for completing this Easter egg.


Step #1: Go to the mound where you can construct the Staffs and enter Zombie Blood vision. There are four auras around the central ancient device in four colors — blue (Ice), red (Fire), purple (Lightning), and yellow (Wind).

Step #2: To activate all four auras, you’ll need to construct all four staffs — the Lighting, Wind, Ice and Fire Staff. Shoot each colored aura with the correct corresponding staff, one at a time. Samantha will laugh / cry.

Step #3: Enter the “Crazy Place” and shoot the Samantha dolls around the central plinth.

Step #4: Continue to shoot the dolls until the central doll rises up and rewards you with a Max Ammo and the “Remember Forever” secret song will play.


Step #1: Activate the Power, then turn around and look at the desk in the center of the room with four speakers.

Step #2: Let’s count the speakers counter-clockwise, with the left-front (near power, looking opposite) as the first speaker. The left-back is second, right-back is third, and right-front is fourth.

Step #3: With that in mind, interact with the speakers in this order: 3, 1, 1, 4, 4, 1, 4, 2, 4, 2, 4, 1, 1, 2, 3

Step #4: To the left of the front of the NPD, look for a tiny Samantha doll in the rubble. Interact, and many more dolls will spawn at the front of the NPD.

Step #5: Shoot all seven statues and then interact with the original statue (to the left) to get a Max Ammo. A version of “Samantha’s Lullaby”, the secret song, will also play in the map.


Step #1: Turn on the power and blow up the rocket to unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine. When that’s done, use the Mystery Boxes until you get the Gersch Device grenades.

Step #2: With the Gersh Device, you’ll need to destroy Samantha statues across the map. Throw the Gersh Device in the pipe to the left, underneath the PaP machine in the catwalk passage, beneath the railing. The open pipe can be tough to spot.

Step #3: Throw the device on the high ledge, visible from the Widow’s Wine Lunar Lander.

Step #4: The last statue is on the metal structure above the Stamin-Up perk machine. Throw it up on the bridge when facing the massive moon in the BG. Check the video for more help.

Step #5: Go to the Mystery Box near the PaP machine and find the Drop Zone. It’s a corner with a small fire. A Samantha Statue will appear — interact to begin the hide-and-seek sequence.

Step #6: Hunt down and find five Samantha statues hidden throughout the map. They will appear one at a time, and you’ll hear the lullaby melody when you’re near their location. They often appear outside the map, and you only have a limited amount of time to shoot all five.

Step #7: Return to the original statue and interact to retry. If you manage to shoot all five before timing out, return to the original statue to get a new secret song playing and a bonus Max Ammo.

There’s still more secret Samantha Easter Eggs to discover! Check back soon for more guides as the Easter eggs are unraveled.

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