How To Unlock 3 Endings (And 3 Final Bosses) In Sundered

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The creeping sci-fi dread of Sundered features three endings for its open-ending rogue-lite gameplay. Here’s how to get all three endings.

The endings aren’t the only thing that’s different — you’ll also face off against a different final boss depending on your choices, and your level of corruption. Basically, as you progress, you’ll find more Elder Shards. These are acquired from the monstrous bosses encountered throughout Sundered.

These Elder Shards are pure evil, and corrupting your natural abilities unlocks even more power. If you’re willing to completely corrupt yourself, you’ll earn an alternate ending — or, if you destroy all the Elder Shards, you’ll become a beacon of hope for humanity.

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There are 3 endings in Sundered, and each ending features a unique final boss. Depending on your choices in-game, you’ll experience one of theses final battles.

Beacon of Hope – Ending

The Beacon of Hope ending is acquired if you destroy seven Elder Shards. To destroy Elder Shards, find the Furnace chamber in Area #2. Check your map for a fire-like icon.

If you use any Elder Shards to corrupt abilities, this ending will be locked out.

The final boss for this ending is The Shining Trapezohedron.

One With The Void – Ending

This is the easiest ending to acquire. All you have to do is use all seven Elder Shards to corrupt seven different abilities. You can corrupt abilities from the Shining Trapezohedron shrine where you respawn after death.

The final boss for this ending is Humanity.

Nyarlathotep – Ending

The most common ending and the one most players are probably going to acquire in a normal playthrough. For this ending, don’t destroy or corrupt all seven Elder Shards. If you stay in the center of the sanity alignment system, you’ll face off against this evil creature without forsaking humanity or completely turning against the Shining Trapezohedron.

The final boss for this ending is Nyarlathotep, naturally.

That’s how you get all the endings in Sundered! Which did you get on your first playthrough? Let us know in the comments!

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