Here is everything you need to know about how to upgrade dragon pits in Wild Hearts, including the colors and collecting materials.

If you’ve been playing Omega Force‘s Wild Hearts, there’s a good chance you’ve run into a number of purplish tree-like energy markers across the map. These indicate the location of dragon pits, which give players the opportunity to build from as a way to assist in their Kemono hunts. But whether you’re just starting a new structure, or enhancing its capabilities, many players will be wondering how to upgrade the dragon pits in Wild Hearts.

Unblock and Upgrade Dragon Pits in Wild Hearts with Resources Likes Ores and Crystals

Dragon pits work as ways to quickly harvest specific resources that work towards assisting in elemental energies as well as for dragon Karakuri. Anytime a dragon pit becomes unblocked, you’ll also receive the power needed to create key dragon Karakuri structures like Flying Vines, Camps, and more.

In addition, the dragon pits will actively work towards cleansing the area as, and they will work towards changing the layout of the terrain so you can use it to your advantage, including through more easy access to various fast travel points, glider take-off platforms, and even being able to respawn at a closer location in the event a tough Kemono takes you out.

When unlocking a dragon pit, there will be a color-coded series of options including gray, green, red, and yellow. If the pit is gray, it means you have yet to unblock it. If it’s showing red, you have unblocked it but can’t upgrade it because you lack the necessary resources. Green means you have already done the full upgrade, while a dragon pit showing yellow means you are ready to upgrade the pit.

To upgrade a dragon pit in Wild Hearts, you’ll need resources that are harvested from downed Kemonos that drop valuable ores and crystals. Often the best strategy is to continue hunting Kemonos and wait for the proper drops to go upgrade dragon pits rather than looking for specific drops for specific dragon pits, as players will need to unblock a number of pits until you discover one of the few that allows you to finally use the dragon Karakuri.

Again, once a dragon pit turns yellow, you will have the necessary resources for the upgrade, so just travel to it and get the upgrade started. When upgraded, you will gain additional benefits like being able to create better fast travel portals, make encampments near specific Kemono herds, and more.

That’s everything you need to know about how to upgrade dragon pits in Wild Hearts.

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