If you want to watch Hulu on your PS3, it’s going to cost a little bit more than you might have thought.

The first third-party service announced for the PS3 since the launch of PlayStation Plus will require the premium membership to access. Tucked away in the source code for the “devices” section of the Hulu Plus site, Technologizer found a small disclaimer which read: “The instructions below will help you install Hulu Plus on your PS3. Note: you must be a subscriber of the Playstation Plus Network.”

At the time of its discovery, no one was sure whether the disclaimer was genuine or not, until a Kotaku reader who had obtained an invite code for the preview confirmed that Hulu Plus required a PlayStation Plus account. This means that on top of the $120 a year that Hulu Plus costs is at least another $50 if you want to watch on your PS3.

Now, there’s nothing unreasonable about this – It’s not dissimilar from Netflix on Xbox Live, which requires a subscription on top of a Gold membership – but it’s a first for the PS3 platform. I can’t imagine that Sony will make existing services like Netflix PlayStation Plus exclusive but it seems safe to assume that any new services for the PS3 will require a premium subscription.

Source: Technologizer via Kotaku

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