After a few months working out the kinks, Hulu’s premium service is primed and ready to make a splash on the PlayStation 3.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 is adding another string to its bow with the arrival of Hulu Plus for all American PSN users. Previously, the service had only been available to PlayStation Plus subscribers, and only a handful of those to boot, but now any PS3 owner who has signed up to the service will be able to watch it via their console.

Hulu Plus costs ten bucks a month, and grants subscribers access to thousands of episodes of TV shows, with a bunch of current programs, as well as a library of past classics. Subscribers will still have to watch the occasional ad however, just as with the free version of Hulu. It seems the subscription fee pays for access to a bigger pool of content and for the privilege of watching it on a wider range of devices, not the cost of showing the programs themselves.

The service is also available on internet enabled TVs from Sony and Samsung, some Samsung Blu-Ray players, and a variety of Applie devices, like the iPad and the latest iPhone. Hulu Plus is also coming to the Xbox 360 early next year, where it will require an Xbox Live Gold subscription to access.

Source: Shacknews

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