Hulu Snubs the PS3


Hulu, the internet service that allows you to watch TV on your computer – as long as you live in the US – has blocked the viewing of its service on the PS3 web browser.

Living in the UK as I do, Hulu has largely passed me by, aside from the occasional video posted on a website or blog that I can’t watch, but in the US, it’s a much bigger deal. Owned jointly by Disney, Fox, NBC and a venture capital company you’ve never heard of, Hulu provides thousands of hours of ad-supported TV on demand, via the internet.

Not all the internet though. PS3 owners recently discovered that they could not access the service anymore, and while nothing is mentioned on the recently updated terms and conditions, a little experimenting by interested parties showed that the PS3 was being specifically blocked. This comes not long after Hulu started restricting the access to its service to just its own site and desktop player.

It seems like a very strange move, and I can’t think of any good reason for it. Besides trying to beat piracy – which I would assume is part of Hulu’s mission – by restricting how and where people can use a product simply doesn’t work, just ask EA.

Source: Kotaku

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