Amateur parapsychologists may find their own homes inhabited by malevolent spirits.

Fatal Frame, a series where gamers battle ghosts with the magical Camera Obscura, has always been scary because it juxtaposes an everyday activity with paranormal horrors. A new entry in the series for the 3DS looks to take that immersion one step further. Using the 3DS’s built-in camera and augmented reality technology, Spirit Photo will pit players against ghosts, spirits, and curses in the comfort (or terror) of their own homes.

The exact gameplay mechanics for Spirit Photo are still a mystery, but it will involve taking real photos with the 3DS camera and seeing ethereal horrors in the on-screen image. The game will also come with an “AR Notebook,” which will be a key element in solving the game’s mysteries. Players can expect to encounter a virtual girl, brought into the real world through the 3DS, and help her break a curse contained within the notebook. The game will also include a mini-game collection called the “Horror Notebook” and a “Ghost Camera,” where you can take a “spirit picture” of yourself and challenge other players.

3D technology has promised users more immersive media experiences, but not all projects have actually delivered. Spirit Photo sounds like it could be an AR experience that uses 3DS functionality to enhance its central mechanics and narrative. The Fatal Frame team has not set a release date yet.

Source: Sinobi via andriasang

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