Huntsman: The Orphange concept art

The makers of Huntsman: The Orphanage are holding an open, online casting call for roles in the upcoming first-person horror game.

Inspired by the Slender Man legend, the Huntsman is “a manifestation of sorrow and loss” that first entered our world centuries ago, during the time of the Black Plague. He has returned repeatedly since then to kidnap small children and take them to his dimension, where he can feed on their fear and grief.

With work proceeding apace, the developers are now looking to fill a handful of voice acting roles and they’re turning to the internet for help, inviting prospective voice actors to submit a reading of the official script to be considered for inclusion in the game. That reading won’t actually be used in the game; anyone chosen to take part will record “full custom voice-over scripts” with tutoring and direction, via Skype, from the scripwriter and director.

To be clear, there’s no money involved, but you will get your name in the credits and be publicized in promotional materials. It’s for fun, in other words, and to support an indie developer with a potentially good game in the works – and, if voice acting is something aspire to, a real-world notch in your belt, too. You can also claim you (sort of) got to work with internet celebrities Dan Bull and Raychul Moore, who are lending their own voices to the project.

The Huntsman team is seeking voices for five children of different ethnicities, none more than 15 years old, plus a matron of 60 or more. For full details in how to take part (it’s really quite simple), hit up Huntsman: The Orphanage was recently given the green light on Steam, which lists a presumably-tentative launch window of September 2013.

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