The second group of official Mass Effect 3 screens features Husks of new races, a squadmate, and of course, lens flare.

BioWare gave us our first look at Mass Effect 3 through just two measly screenshots. Thankfully, the developer has now released eight more, showing off some familiar faces in addition to more Shepard-on-bad-guy action.

Just as a warning, if you look at these you will know something about Mass Effect 3. If you want to know absolutely nothing about Mass Effect 3, don’t look at them. You’ve been warned.

The worst of the screens reveals what appears to be a Krogan version of a Husk with a huge cannon on his arm. Fighting a regular Krogan is a huge pain in the butt, so this Husk version is sure to be a tough customer. *Edit* People seem to think this is a Batarian Husk due to its face, but it looks like it has a Krogan’s larger body, no? Oh well.

In Mass Effect 3, Shepard gets some by rifle-butting armored Cerberus forces in the face, shooting them full of holes, and leaving them to lie in pools of their own blood. Other screens feature Liara returning as a squadmate, and Anderson, in whatever capacity you may have put him, enjoying some lens flare. Ah, it just wouldn’t be Mass Effect without lens flare.

Source: Irgomania, via CVG

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