After what has seemed like an eternity in development, Webzen’s MMOG/FPS Huxley is ready to finally show its face to the public by starting signups for its upcoming closed beta.

Don’t sweat it if you’ve never heard of or, more likely, forgot about Huxley, an MMOG/FPS hybrid that has been in development for years by Korean studio Webzen. The game disappeared for some time after its initial reveal, but was recently spotted at this year’s GDC and now is gearing up for people to actually play it with a closed beta.

Huxley: The Dystopia is ready to reveal what it has evolved into, and we want our community to be the first to see the great progress we’ve made gearing up for the game’s launch,” said Philip Yun, CEO of Huxley publisher NHN. “As just talking about the game doesn’t do it justice, we are excited to invite players in to see exactly how we brought together elements of FPS’ fast action and MMO’s character development, combining it all within a intricate storyline with stunning visuals.”

All you have to do is head over to the Huxley site, click the big “SIGN UP FOR BETA” button, create an account with Huxley gaming portal Ijji. Then fill out a detailed questionnaire about who you are and how your computer runs (you’ll have to upload your DxDiag results). It’s like applying for a job, except the job is killing things in an Unreal Engine 3 powered Korean MMOG/FPS hybrid.

The sign-ups will close on the 20th of this month with the chosen few being announced a week later. The beta period will last from June 3rd to the 14th and be available everyday from 2 in the afternoon to 10 (Pacific Standard) at night.

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