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Hypercharge: Unboxed Update Adds Action Figure Story Campaign with ’90s-Inspired Cutscenes

Hypercharge: Unboxed story campaign update live Digital Cybercherries action figure toy shooter game

Digital Cybercherries has finally given its player base what they have always wanted: a Hypercharge: Unboxed story campaign. The campaign content arrived as part of an update that launched for PC players today, with more information provided in a post on its Steam page. While it’s not exactly a full-fledged, meaty story, it does seem to be a great way to give players a narrative that offers appropriately themed background for its already action-packed gameplay.

Digital Cybercherries clarifies that the campaign content does not arrive as its own separate mode, instead including the story as part of its waves-based modes. Still, it’s an opportunity to learn about the world of Hypercharge: Unboxed and its characters. To help sell these new ideas are fully voice-acted, ‘90s-inspired cutscenes that aim to build a connection between the action-figure avatars and the toy-box world around them.

If you’re unfamiliar with Hypercharge: Unboxed, it’s basically Small Soldiers the video game, where players engage in single-player and multiplayer modes that see them romping around as 10-inch-tall, posable figurines. It fully commits to the bit every step of the way, which is why it’s so nice to finally see a fitting story mode finally make its way to the game. The update even goes one step further by adding objectives in build and exploration mode with platforming challenges and hidden secrets.

Hypercharge: Unboxed story campaign update live Digital Cybercherries action figure toy shooter game

“This major update is an emotional one for us,” Digital Cybercherries explained. “The idea of Hypercharge started over eight years ago—five indie devs with a vision to build their dream action figure game. Who would have thought a game that began as a PvP-only shooter now has a full-fledged wave-based story campaign? We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this game, working with you to make Hypercharge into something extraordinary, adding 12 major content updates since launch for free.”

The Hypercharge: Unboxed story campaign update completes the collection with a trio of new skins for antagonist Major Evil. There’s also a new apartment-themed level called Rental Lair, a single-player lobby system, an in-game Arcade Machine with its own side-scroller mini-game, loads of quality-of-life improvements, and lots more. So, if you’re unwrapping Hypercharge: Unboxed for the first time or digging it back out of the box to see what has changed, you’ll be met with plenty of new toys to keep you busy.

Hypercharge: Unboxed is also available on Nintendo Switch, and Xbox versions are set to arrive at some point in the future. Today’s update is not yet available for Switch players, but Digital Cybercherries says that players can expect all updates to arrive on other platforms sometime in the future.

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