“I Am Groot” – Guardian of the Galaxy Gets His Own Comic Book

groot cover 1

Marvel Comics will present Groot’s latest standalone adventures in this Guardians of the Galaxy spin-off series.

How do you know you have a very special character on your hands? When fans absolutely adore him for saying no more than three words. That’s exactly the case with Groot, the living tree from Guardians of the Galaxy whose grasp of language only grants him the ability to introduce himself to other sentients. Yet he’s so beloved and popular that Marvel Comics is giving him a standalone comic series next month – and preview pages show it has all the “I am Groot” action you expect.

The Groot comic follows its titular hero after he (somehow) convinces Rocket to visit Earth for a long-deserved vacation. But this doesn’t quite work as planned when an unexpected calamity separates the partners, leaving Groot alone for the first time in years. As you can imagine, Groot will have some difficulty navigating the universe without Rocket there to translate, prompting adventures fans will follow every step of the way.

Marvel’s preview reveals the first three pages of Groot, as Rocket tries to convince his cheerful friend that a trip to Earth isn’t as fun as he expects. But since these characters can’t go three pages without an explosion and/or death-defying rescue, of course both occur when you least expect it. All told, it’s a solid exchange of humorous dialogue that makes me a little disappointed Groot and Rocket will be separated – although I’m still curious to see where our favorite tree ends up.

Groot is written by Jeff Loveness with art from Brian Kesinger. Issue #1 will hit comic book shelves on June 3, 2015.

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