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I Don’t Want to Save the World Anymore – Extra Punctuation

This week on Extra Punctuation, Yahtzee unpacks the RPG trope of characters using the power of friendship to save the world.

This week on Extra Punctuation, Yahtzee unpacks the trope of RPGs culminating in its characters using the power of friendship to save the world.

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Extra Punctuation Transcript

I’ve been picking up vibrations through the old general internet discourse banjo string that JRPG may no longer be an acceptable term? Like it’s racist, or something? Because it’s got the word Japanese in there? I don’t know if I’d go along with that. Maybe if it was being used in a derogatory context, but for me it just refers to a particular kind of RPG characteristic of many classic games that have come out of a specific country. I wouldn’t think it was any more racist than saying “Italian horror movie” or “Parisian style street cafe.” Still, I’m over forty as of this year, preparing to spend the rest of my life uselessly taking up space in the world I’m leasing from the next generation, so probably not my place to decide these things.

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