id Explains the Rage Apocalypse


Ever wonder why Rage went post-apocalyptic? Well, amongst other things, muscle cars with guns.

A lot of worlds get ended in videogames, so much so that if you asked a room full of gamers what their favorite gaming apocalypse was, there’s a good chance that you’d get a dozen different answers.

With so much apocalyptic energy going around, id’s decision to set its upcoming game Rage in a world decimated by asteroids might seem a little strange. But id’s Tim Willits says that the reason behind this is a very simple one: fun.

“People ask us ‘why is this post-apocalyptic,'” said Willits, “and one of the reasons is that when John [Carmack] had created this technology, he actually downloaded NASA geographic data and he was streaming it and it was really cool and we were looking at it and thought ‘oh, we can make a game with this. OK, it’s gotta be outdoors, and then we’ll have cars and we need to put guns on the cars.'”

“And then we found that we wanted to have a setting that allows us to do this over the top sci-fi stuff that we like to do at id but we wanted to have it grounded in stuff that people can relate to: muscle cars, machine guns and stuff. So the post-apocalyptic setting worked out really well for us, because it allowed us to have a rich environment with over the top gameplay that people can relate to.”

With so many games trying to be grim and dark, it’s refreshing to see a team inject some plain old fun into the mix. You can find out more about Rage by reading our preview here.

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