id Promise ‘No Monster Closets’ In Rage


id has rethought its design concept for its upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter Rage, promising that monster closets are a thing of the past.

Blast the Imp, pick up the shotgun ammo, wait for the new imp to appear, blast that too. If that sounds familiar, then you’ve probably played Doom 3.

One of the most common complaints levelled at the game was its over use of ‘monster closets’, or enemies that would appear, often from hidden compartments in walls, when you reached a certain trigger point. All kinds of scary the first few times, but after that achingly predictable. But id assures us that ‘monster closets’ are a thing of the past, as the company responds to criticism and challenges the perception of what an ‘id game’ is.

“[In Rage] when you’re going to the RC-Bomb base [from the demo] to deal with the Shrouded clan they’re doing whatever they’re supposed to be doing,” said Matt Hooper, lead designer on Rage. “If they’re supposed to be defending against you coming there, they’ll be doing that. If they’re just tinkering or having a conversation they’ll do that. You will never see [a monster closet.]”

Rage is scheduled for release some time in 2010 and is likely to be one of the last id games to be released without the ZeniMax label.

Source: 1up

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