id: Rage Is An Evolution For Us


Rage is a lot of things, but your standard id game isn’t one of them.

When it comes back to first person shooters, all roads lead to id. Back in 1993, Doom created a template that has been refined and built upon over the last seventeen years. But it’s been a while since id has really brought anything fresh to the table. This is where Rage comes in, a game that id believes will change people’s perception of what an id title is.

“After we completed the last Doom game and Quake 4, we looked at the [id Tech 5] technology and … what it allowed us to do,” says id’s Creative Director, Tim Willits. “We also looked at how we’d evolved as gamers and developers, and how the industry has evolved as gamers.”

“We knew that we wanted to do something different, something that would change expectations of what an id software game was. We knew that, at its core, its very essence, it had to be an awesome first person shooter. We invented the genre, we do it great, we knew that everything we did with Rage would have to revolve around this first person core.”

Will Rage be the game that reinvents id? Find out more by reading our preview here.

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