If you’ve been looking to get your grubby little hands all over id Software’s source code for Doom 3, John Carmack has some good news for you.

John Carmack is apparently a big fan of helping his fans out. As a result, the man in charge of id Software has revealed that his studio is going to release the source code for Doom 3 to the general public. However, exactly when this year he plans to release the code isn’t entirely clear yet.

Speaking at Quakecon 2011, Carmack announced the decision and stated thatZenimax (id’s parent company) was actually supportive of the code’s release. He also reportedly challenged other studios to release source code for their games, “arguing that it helps the community.”

Doom 3‘s source code won’t be released until the launch of Rage (which is due out October 4th). How soon after Rage‘s release hasn’t been revealed, yet. Meanwhile, Carmack also that Id Tech Five (which is used on current games) will be released when id is no longer using it for official projects, though “this could be as long as ten years away.”


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