Here’s what your favorite Pokemon would like like if they were weapons instead of monsters.

Pokemon as we all know, are fictional, collectible monsters that Pokemon trainers force (or, “encourage”) to battle. But what if they weren’t creatures, and were in fact, weapons, that those lazy trainers could wield to fight for themselves? One talented artist, Rico Busalpa, has imagined just that, producing a rather substantial gallery of Pokemon weapons, or “Pokepons” as he’s dubbed them. Here are some of my favorites:

As every Pokemon has its own distinct shape and style, its not too hard to imagine how some of them would look as weapons, be it swords, bows, or even guns. Busalpa has used these shapes, compared with the Pokemon’s fighting style and personality to create his Pokepons. Some of them have some pretty cool pop culture references in them, like the Attack on Titan-inspired Metagross swords.

Busalpa has even created a few “Pokepon fusions,” which, as you would assume, are weapons created from fusing two Pokemon together.

The gallery I’ve linked above is just a small selection of Busalpa’s work, which spans several years and hundreds of Pokemon. You’re bound to find your favorite ‘mon in his Instagram gallery, so be sure to check it out!

Source: Instagram

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