IGA Partners for Foreign In-game Ads


IGA Worldwide partners with three studios to offer video game billboard advertisments.

In-game advertisement firm IGA Worldwide, Inc. announced three new advertising partnerships with game developers Cyanide, Morpheme, and Staggan. Cyanide will make the French market available to IGA through titles such as Pro Cycling Manager, where dynamic billboard advertisments will be placed next to cycling tracks. Staggan will be offering similar billboard space around in-game stadiums and half-time video displays in United Football. Morpheme, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eidos, will offer website and game advertising through it’s web portal Gimme 5 Games.

Justin Townsend, Chief Executive Officer of IGA Worldwide, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with these accomplished game studios. By aggregating their unique reach in our network it allows us to offer advertisers a strategic medium to reach millions of consumers through targeted dynamic advertising with highly measurable results. Cyanide, Morpheme, and Staggan are some of the most forward-thinking studios in the industry and we look forward to working together.”

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