IKEA Furniture for Sale in Sims


Swedish furniture retailer Ikea sells in virtual couches in Sims 2.

Decor for the office, bedroom and living room available in a sales pack will expand Ikea’s marketing reach to the virtual world crowd. Many of the company’s top brands, such as EKTORP sofas, EXPEDIT TVs, LEKSVIK coffee tables, VÄNNA mirrors, MALM beds, and KILA lamps. The Sims 2 IKEA Home Stuff Pack ships to retailers everywhere on June 23 in North America, June 27 in Europe and June 20 across the Asia/Pacific regions.

“The Sims is thrilled to collaborate with IKEA for more customization of your Sims’ homes, adding fun and inspirational design options for the bedroom, living room and home office,” said Rod Humble, Head of The Sims Studio. “This new content will certainly contribute to the players’ ability to make their Sims’ dream home. The Sims 2 IKEA Home Stuff will expand creative opportunities and that is what The Sims is all about. Home is central to the experience of your Sims and with IKEA additions, it’s sure to be the most inviting place in the neighborhood.”

“Players of The Sims have asked for IKEA by name, and if you look at the living spaces they design, it reflects the style of IKEA,” said Steve Seabolt, Vice President Global Brand Development for The Sims. “We are pleased to collaborate with IKEA and we know players of The Sims will be excited to add IKEA content for their Sims’ homes.

“The IKEA collaboration with The Sims echoes the desire of players to see realworld brands and products for which they have affinity integrated into gameplay. The Sims’ successful collaborations with Ford and H&M prove this to be a great and enjoyable experience for the player.”

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