Immortalize Your World of Warcraft Pet


Apparently replicating World of Warcraft avatars just wasn’t enough for the FigurePrints people, as the firm has launched a limited edition run of complementary “FigurePets.”

As the name suggests, FigurePets are real-world iterations of World of Warcraft’s non-combat companions. The line does not currently feature all of the non-combat pets currently roaming the woodlands of Azeroth, but the official website clearly shows Speedy The Turtle, a Clockwork RocketBot and Stinker The Skunk.

As with the larger FigurePrints — a line of figurines custom made to resemble the character you play in World of Warcraft — FigurePets are aimed squarely at the truly hardcore WoW fan. Individually each of the figures will set you back $30, but when all three are purchased as part of the Series 1 Full Set, the grand total comes to $75.

Though no future plans have been revealed, it seems almost guaranteed that a different group of virtual pets will get the reality treatment as part of Series 2.

No word on which cuddly critters will be making the cut, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Smolderweb Hatchling. My rogue just doesn’t look right without his evil lil’ buddy.

(Image courtesy FigurePrints)

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