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Upgrade your weapons in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 with these rare campaign weapon upgrades.

Improve Claire and Barry’s chances for survival with these hard-to-find weapon upgrades. Once workbenches become available these custom parts can be attached to weapon slots for extra damage, improved fire rate, or other additional bonus effects. They’re always useful, especially for the tough RAID mode.

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Rare Weapon Upgrades Guide

Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates as the latest episodes are released. Found weapon parts we missed? Let us know!

Throughout the campaign it’s possible to find special rare Customization Parts boxes. These unique upgrades can only be collected once from Military or Gimmick boxes — afterwards a random item will spawn.

Episode 1 – Rare Weapon Parts

Weapon Parts #1: Claire – The first weapon parts box is found when Claire reaches a locked metal gate requiring a gear part. Moving left, you’ll enter a strange operating room with a bed of spikes in the center. Use Claire to throw Moira up the broken ladder and open the Military Box to get the upgrade.

Weapon Parts #2: Barry – In Barry’s campaign, return to the room Claire opened with a gear in her chapter — the same area full of deactivated spiked human-shaped cages. Through the door, the weapons part is on the cage ahead. To reach it, Claire needs to not use the flamethrower.

Weapon Parts #3: Barry – Very close by, continue down the hall outside the room with Part #2. To the left of the spike trap is a storage room with a weapon part.

Episode 2 – Rare Weapon Parts

Weapon Parts #4: Claire – After passing through the courtyard and entering the lowest floor of the apartment building with the elevator, pass the bathroom and look in the next door down the hall on the left. There’s a weapon part in the cabinet inside.

Weapon Parts #5: Barry – After returning to the Wossek Bar in the Fishing Village, circle around the building to the metal stairs and go up. Open the crate with Natalia to get the custom part.

Episode 3 – Rare Weapon Parts

Weapon Parts #6: Claire – In the Sewers, Moira and Claire will reach an area populated with raised pipes and wood plank bridges. After Claire drops down from a high pipe to a series of bridge, look on the metal bars and concrete platform below where the tunnel turns left. Drop down to grab the parts box.

Weapon Parts #7: Claire – Once you reach the underground gravestones, look for a locked metal gate leading up to a chained coffin. To open the door and collect the weapon part and a special weapon, you’ll need to interact with star plates around the room. Consider the chained coffin the “front” of the room — Row 1: 3rd on the Left, Row 5: 4rth on the Left, Row 4: 2nd on the Right, Row 3: 5th on the Right.

Weapon Parts #8: Barry – This is a tricky parts box. Start with Claire’s chapter once she enters the sewers. Near the opening of this area, look for a high yellow ledge Moira can reach with Claire’s help. Pick up the crate and drop it down, then reach the same sewer area with Barry. The crate will still be here. Move the crate to the normally unreachable ledge across the room and climb up with Barry to grab it.

Episode 4 – Rare Weapon Parts

Coming soon.

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