Spoiler alert: If you have a ship worth 30 billion ISK in EVE Online, you’re going to be a mighty tempting target for other players.

EVE Online is known for many things: its single universe reality, the way it encourages players to work together via corporations in order to wage war against other such groups, the ability to use the game’s currency to pay for your monthly membership, not to mention some particularly epic thefts of in-game cash. The latest story about the game to hit the Web tells of a player who built a particularly expensive ship that was subsequently destroyed for the loot it would leave behind.

A player who went by the name “Solaris” found himself the target of a coalition of in-game corporations when he was running missions in “high security space in his Paladin”. The reason for the coordinated attack? His ship was worth a helluvalot of in-game currency.

According to Massively:

What makes this particular suicide attack special is the sheer magnitude of the loss. Solarius had fit the ship with an impressive array of rare and expensive officer modules, putting the total value of his ship at over 30 billion ISK. Since a destroyed ship drops around half of its modules as loot, flying a ship with such an expensive setup is almost guaranteed to draw some unwanted attention. Pilots from the corporations Honorless Internet Jerks, Ex Obscuritas, Suddenly Ninjas, Alarm Clock Corp and jointly participated in the attack and split the proceeds from the loot.

For those of you who need the fiscal loss translated, here’s how it equates: 30 billion ISK could purchase “over 80 PLEX” (which, in turn, equates to roughly seven years of game subscriptions). Since that much PLEX would cost more than $1,200 US dollars, EVE players might want to take this as a reminder that they should always be careful when playing the game.

Source: Massively

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