In Latest Elections, India is Using Holograms to Reach 800 Million Voters


Prime Minister candidate utilizes holographic projectors to reach as many voters as possible.

Narendra Modi really wants to be the next Prime Minister of India. The problem? Reaching 800 million voters in the world’s largest democracy. The solution?

Holograms, dude.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (or BJP, and Narendra Modi are using 3D holographic broadcasts to reach voters all over the Indian countryside. The telecasts have been used in eight 2014 speeches so far, and the tech is ensuring maximum exposure for the PM hopeful.

The Telegraph says that Narendra Modi has used holographic projectors at over 800 rallies so far, allowing him to reach millions of voters that might otherwise be left out. “Many poorly educated voters had stayed behind after rallies to check behind the dais to see if he was really there.”

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