Both iTunes and the Android crowd can have a go.

Incredipede, the game that lets you take cheerful Quozzle and remodel her limbs as you see fit to traverse tricky level after tricky level, has finally taken to mobile. It’s been out on PC for a while – Colin Northway even got it onto Steam, after winning an IGF award for its gorgeous art – but this is the first time iPhone, iPad and Android users have been able to take a shot at guiding Quozzle and her multipurpose limbs around the game’s terrain.

There’s 120 levels on offer, including the editor which will allow you to build levels of your own. The plot’s breathtakingly simple: Quozzle’s lost, and trying to find her sisters. The trouble is, she’s just a body with one great blinking eye, and it’s up to you to add the muscles, bones and other bits Quozzle will need to get from A to B. Sarah Northway, Colin’s partner in crime, happened to be in the Philippines when everything went a bit critical, so – one Dropbox later – the Northways can boast that “we’ve now shipped games from Mexico, Panama, the Philippines, and Costa Rica!”

Want a pop at this puzzler? Head over here for the iTunes version and here for the Android. It’s $3.99 a pop, whichever way you go.

Source: Colin Northway

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