The Independent Game Conference in Austin, Texas, has announced that Mike Wilson, Harry Miller and Richard Garriott will be delivering this year’s keynote addresses.

The first address, taking place on the morning of Thursday, November 29, will be delivered by Mike Wilson and Harry Miller of Gamecock Media, who will speak about “All The Reasons You Will Fail,” or “Don’t Even Think About It.” Gamecock, which was founded following the collapse of their previous enterprise Gathering of Developers, is described by Wilson as meant to “bring the stupid back to the videogame industry in 2007.”

Friday morning’s speaker will be Ultima creator and Tabula Rasa Executive Producer Richard Garriott, who will deliver a lecture entitled “Research and Game Design – Spending the Time to Get It Right.” His address will include candid discussion about what’s missing in current game designs, and what independent developers can do to improve their efforts. “Research should be the foundation and basis of any successful game design,” Garriott said. “Without it you’re doomed to mediocrity.”

The Independent Game Conference is taking place on November 29 and 30 this year at the Wyndham Hotel and Conference Center in Austin, Texas. Tickets are $125 in advance or $150 at the door, and include free breakfast and lunch; discounted room rates for IGC attendees are also available. For more information, check out

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