Indie Developer Tries to Salvage Homeworld From THQ


Though Relic was bought by Sega, teamPixel believes there’s still a chance it can snap up Homeworld.

Relic, which now belongs to Sega as a result of the THQ auction, apparently didn’t take all of its defunct properties with it. Independent developer teamPixel hopes that this means it will be able to purchase space opera RTS title Homeworld, not seen since 2003’s Homeworld 2.

When teamPixel tried to get involved in the THQ auction, it was told that the Homeworld title – along with several other defunct THQ properties – would not be part of the first auction, but would instead be sold off separately. It promptly set up an Indiegogo campaign to fund its Homeworld acquisition, and is looking for $50,000 to help its founder, Rob Santos, make his dream come true.

Santos wishes the Relic team all the best now it’s part of Sega, and says that teamPixel will make every effort to purchase Homeworld from THQ, or anyone who happens to pick it up from the defunct company. “We believe that the Homeworld franchise should be respected as one of the major landmarks in sci-fi and RTS gaming,” says teamPixel in its Indiegogo pitch. “To us, this means preserving access to the game for fans, both old and new.”

Whether or not Santos succeeds in his bid – and I wish him luck – his experience may answer gamers’ questions about THQ’s old properties, particularly if his information is correct, and some of them are due to be sold later on.

Source: VG24/7

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