Indie Developers Showcase

Welcome to The Escapist‘s Indie Developer Showcase, a 10-day celebration of the designers and programmers who have struck out on their own to make the games they want to make. Each day we’ll feature a new game or demo by an up-and-coming indie developer along with a brief interview. Some games are already commercially available, some are works in progress, but all are free to play. Enjoy!

Week 1
Monday, January 19th Auditorium, by Cipher Prime
Tuesday, January 20th Gravity Hook, by Last Chance Media
Wednesday, January 21st Plain Sight, by Beatnik Games
Thursday, January 22nd Battleships Forever, by Wyrdysm Games
Friday, January 23rd World of Goo, by 2D Boy
Week 2
Monday, January 26th Samorost2, by Amanita Design
Tuesday, January 27th Zatikon, by Chronic Logic
Wednesday, January 28th Minions, by Casual Collective
Thursday, January 29th Secondhand Lands, by Pixel Mine Games
Friday, January 30th Multiwinia, by Introversion Software
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