The Indie Gala returns with a multi-tiered pay-what-you-want bundle of awesomeness that includes games, music and a big solid for charity.

The Indie Gala is back for a second go-around with another solid mix of indie games and soundtracks, but this time it’s added a few twists to the tried-and-true “pay what you want” formula. You can pay a dollar and snag a few games and a few tunes, or you can pay a little more – or even a little more than that – and bring home a whole bunch of extra goodies.

For $1, you get the “Carebear Bundle”:

  • Critical Mass by Manic Games Studios
  • Bunch of Heroes by NGD Studios
  • Fortix 2 by Nemesys games
  • Music: The Numbers – Beautiful EP
  • Music: Giraffage- Comfort
  • Music: Casey Lalonde – Skitter EP

Beat the “level one” average, currently sitting at $5.63, and you get the “Big Saver Bundle,” which includes the Care Bear Bundle plus:

  • Greed Corp by Vanguard Games.
  • Roboblitz by Naked Sky Entertainment
  • Music: Robot Science – Square
  • Music: Casey Lalonde – Thank You
  • Music: Jack Butler – Fit The Paradigm

Beat the “level two” average of $9.84 at last count and you’ll be rewarded with the “Epic Gala Bundle” of 11 games and 7 albums, including all of the above plus:

  • inMomentum, by Digital Arrow
  • Zombie Shooter 2, by Sigma Team
  • Hacker Evolution: Duality, by exosyphen studios
  • Hacker Evolution: Untold, by exosyphen studios
  • Your Doodles Are Bugged!, by Spyn Doctor Games
  • Zombie Shooter 1, by Sigma Team
  • Music: Robot Science – Doodads

There’s one more catch worth mentioning: only 50,000 bundles are up for grabs, after which it’s game over, man. It sounds like a lot but more than 14,000 bundles have already gone out the door, so if you’re interested you might want to get over to and get things shaking!

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