A poll on Facebook asks gamers to pick the last two games to be part of the Indie Games Summer Uprising.

Getting your game noticed on the Xbox Live Indie marketplace can be difficult, particularly when you’re competing for space with such luminary titles as Card Creator, Why Did I Buy This? and Try not to Fart. Some developers don’t think that’s good enough. The Indie Games Summer Uprising is a developer-run initiative to help promote Xbox Live Indie games that aren’t, you know, crap.

Eight of the uprising’s ten flagship games have been announced but the last two spots are reserved for the winners of a poll on Facebook. Voting closes on August 15th with the winners being announced the following day. You can sneak a peek at the current Uprising line up in the trailer below which, thanks to some choice music from Megaman, contains the most exhilarating train-track-building gameplay you will ever see.

The Eight games currently in the lineup:

  • T.E.C. 3001
  • Speedrunner HD
  • Raventhorne
  • Take Arms
  • Train Frontier Express
  • Cute Things Dying Violently
  • Doom and Destiny
  • Battle High: San Bruno

There are far too many candidates for the remaining two slots to list here, but you can take a closer look at each of the candidates, including those that have already earned a spot here. Personally, I’m going with Katana Land, partially because of the game’s cute squashed aesthetic, but mostly it’s called Katana Land, which sounds like the best theme park ever.

The vote is a huge deal for Indie developers, as inclusion in the Summer Uprising may be their only chance to actually shift a decent amount of games in a market flooded with hastily produced quiz games and Minecraft knock-offs. While not every game in the Summer Uprising is a diamond in the rough, any attempt to highlight the genuinely good games hidden in Xbox Live’s labyrinthine menu system is okay by me.

Source: Destructoid

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