The Indie Royale All-Charity Lightning Pack is here – but not for long.

It flashes before your eyes, and now it’s time to buy – the Indie Royale All-Charity Lightning Pack, that is, and do I really need to explain how this works? It’s four indie games in one big bundle that you can snag at a ridiculously low price, although the longer you dick around, the higher it gets.

First on the list is Osmos, a relaxing, dreamy and incredibly frustrating game about swallowing bubbles that’s been kicking around for awhile but is still an outstanding game by just about every measure. Then there’s B.U.T.T.O.N., a meatspace party game for two to eight players in which “brutally unfair tactics” are apparently okay. Third on the list is The Shivah, which I know absolutely nothing about but it’s from Wadjet Eye, the publisher of Gemini Rue, and you’re not going to get a much better reference than that. And then finally there’s Blueberry Garden, “a short experimental game about curiosity and exploration.”

But that’s not all! Anyone who plunks down at least $7 will also get not one, not two, but three “digital albums,” including Level by Disasterpiece, IN1ep by 6955 and FX4 from Jake Kaufman. And unlike other Indie Royale bundles, this one, as the title suggests, is all about charity. All money raised [after credit card fees] will go to Amnesty International, the EFF, ActionAid and Unicef; buyers can decide how to divvie it up when they make their donation.

As usual with Indie Royale collections, the minimum price is already low and people who pay more can actually force it down even further. But because it’s a Lightning Pack, it won’t be around for long: the All-Charity bundle is only available for 95 hours and change, which actually does sound like a fairly long time when you say it out loud. Anyway, pick it up, as always, at

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