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Industry Negligence


It’s been a remarkable period for videogames. They’ve gone from garage development obscurity to multimillion dollar production budgets. Gameplay has evolved from eating pellets and chasing ghosts to moody studies in morality. I’ve watched this meteoric rise with pride and amazement. We should sing the praises of the videogame industry from the rooftops.

But for all that the industry deservedly pats itself on the back, it’s also worth our time to step back, take a deep breath and survey the challenges that lie ahead of us. After all, it’s served developers pretty well so far, this refusal to rest on their laurels. In that vein, this week’s issue is not about how far we’ve come (and we have come very far) but how far we still have to go. However, these articles aren’t petty vitriol or didacticism. Instead, this week’s issue is comprised of a few honest opinions about topics not fully addressed and avenues yet to be traveled.

Despite the harshness implied by the word “negligence,” it is my belief that in a few years time, this week’s theme and the stories therein will be another reminder of how quickly progress happens in our favorite pastime.

Tom Endo

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