Industry Sponsored Study Finds Games Useful In Education


A study sponsored by industry giants Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Take Two has come to positive conclusions about using video games in an educational environment.

The study was conducted by the non-profit organization Futurelab, which is dedicated to “developing innovative learning resources and practices that support new approaches to education for the 21st century.” According to the final report “The Teaching with Games project was a one-year study designed to offer a broad overview of teachers’ and students’ use of and attitudes towards commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computer games in schools.”

The findings of the study were largely broad in nature. It did find that some unspecified “technical problems” created difficulties, but that overall “teachers and students in the case studies generally reported that using games in lessons was motivating.” In general, the final report hints at an untapped potential that will need the combined dedicated support of faculty and developers to be realized.

Source: Next Generation

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