Steve Bergenholtz and Gary Corriveau have announced the formation of Beanbag Studios, a privately-owned developer of high-quality casual games.

Based in Plano, Texas and London, Ontario, Beanbag has already acquired a number of gaming licenses and currently has four games in production for release later this year. The company plans on producing over 20 licensed and original titles by the end of the 2008, while at the same time moving to include mobile phones and game consoles as development platforms. The company is also on the lookout for distribution deals for its upcoming releases, details of which will be released soon.

“Our developers are working with several high profile companies, which will allow us to hit the ground running with a series of impressive game launches,” Bergenholtz said. “We’re looking forward to releasing a range of first-rate titles for the growing number of casual game fans around the world.”

Bergenholtz founded Sandbox Studios in 1998, which went on to develop numerous titles including Shrek, The Emperor’s New Groove, Disney’s Dinosaur, ESPN NHL Hockey, Matchbox Emergency Patrol and many others. In 2001 he sold Sandbox Studios, which has since become owned by Electronic Arts. Corriveau most recently worked on Open Season for Ubisoft and Happy Feet for Midway.

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