Inevitably, Journey Meets Journey


Show of hands; did anyone not see this coming?

Confused by the headline? Let me explain.

See, Journey is a newly released PlayStation 3 game from critical darling thatgamecompany. Everyone I know of that has played it absolutely loves the game’s ethereal visuals and surprisingly effective, novel gameplay.

On the other hand, Journey is a massively popular American rock band best known for their 1981 hit “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Everyone I know of that has heard the song has it indelibly etched into their brain. It’s less “ear worm” and more “permanently disfiguring aural carcinogen.”

So, is anyone really surprised that Journey and Journey would eventually see this kind of multimedia mating? This is pretty much all the internet does. Well, this and pornography, but there’s no easy way to bridge the logic gap between experimental indie gaming and conveniently slutty schoolgirls.

Besides, we’re a family website. The silky smooth falsetto of Steve Perry is about as sexually explicit as The Escapist gets.

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