The PlayStation Move website may have revealed support of the peripheral by InFamous 2.

Sony has been pushing PlayStation Move support of games like SOCOM 4 and Heavy Rain to ensure people that the motion device isn’t only going to be used for casual experiences. The PlayStation Move website may have revealed yet another “hardcore” Move-supporting title that could see players firing electricity from their fingertips: InFamous 2.

The InFamous games follow a free-running courier named Cole that ends up with electrical-based superpowers (and perhaps ice for the sequel). Move support is possibly an exciting prospect for InFamous 2 as it would put these powers in the hands of the player.

Sony recently sent out a message through the company Twitter account that read: “Everything you need to know about PlayStation Move,” followed by a link to the Move website. Listed amongst the “Move featured” games is InFamous 2, a game for which Move support has not yet been announced.

The listing could be a mistake, or wishful thinking, or an actual reveal. InFamous developer Sucker Punch is already working with Move for the PlayStation 3’s Sly Collection, an upcoming compendium of the PlayStation 2’s three Sly Cooper titles remastered in HD that will support Move for mini-games. It previously has stated that it’s unsure about supporting Move for InFamous 2, however. InFamous 2 won’t be released for a while still, with some retailers guessing mid-2011 at the earliest, so Sucker Punch could have enough time to code it in.

Source: Destructoid

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