The adventures of Infinity Blade‘s nameless hero will continue in a full-fledged sequel.

Generation after generation of brave heroes made the ultimate sacrifice to quell the terrible power of the Infinity Blade. Now, Chair Entertainment wants to send a whole new lineage of warriors to the abattoir. During a press conference to discuss Apple’s new iPhone 4S, representatives demonstrated Infinity Blade 2, revealing the new iOS-exclusive sequel. So far, the game looks like it will continue the hack-and-slash adventures of its predecessor while adding new bosses, locales, and role-playing elements.

Infinity Blade 2 helped to show off the iPhone 4S’s capabilities, but it will not be exclusive to the dual-core cell phone. Any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will be able to run the game. Epic Games, Infinity Blade‘s publisher, found the original’s sales figures to be encouraging, and will be evaluating further opportunities for the Unreal Engine 3 in the mobile market. The world of Infinity Blade will be expanding too, with an eBook novella from bestselling fantasy author Brandon Sanderson.

Infinity Blade has been one of the strongest arguments for hardcore gaming on mobile platforms so far, and it looks like the sequel will aim to continue that trend. As long as the game doesn’t fall to the immortal God King during development, it will hit the App Store on December 1, 2011.

Source: Gamasutra

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