Acclaimed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward doesn’t know how long the upcoming sequel will be – they’re just hoping the game will blow your socks off.

Speaking with VG247 at this year’s E3, Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin said that the team wasn’t going into Modern Warfare 2 with the intention of making a game that was longer than its predecessor: “It’s really hard to say, because it’s not done yet, it’s not balanced yet.”

That’s not to say he doesn’t seem enthusiastic about the project, it’s just that they’re not concerning themselves with the game’s length. “We don’t go into it saying we need to build a 20-hour experience or a ten-hours experience. We say, ‘What’s the best f**king experience we can possibly deliver? … (a)nd we craft it around that.”

Whether longer or not, though, Rubin apparently added that the game’s levels would be bigger than those in CoD4.

I see what he’s saying, but at some point I think developers do have to take time into account, no? The difference between a 10-hour game and a 15-hour game is one thing (at least there you’re getting roughly enough bang for your buck). The difference between a 10-hour game and a 5-hour one is another thing entirely.

And now, to poke fun at the ambiguities of the English language: Notice that “best f**king / experience” and “best / f**king experience” are two completely different things. I wonder what else IW has in store for Modern Warfare 2, eh?

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