Infogrames isn’t dead – or so says its CEO, Patrick Leleu.

In an interview with the French newspaper Los Echos he said a lack of financing and poor organization would be overcome through a recent bond issuance and proper use of company resources, especially the Atari name.

“Our current strategy consists of starting to spend on capital projects again, adopting a consistent publishing policy that takes into account new market trends, and restructuring the company, including by turning around our Atari Inc. subsidiary in the United States. In practical terms, €40 million, we will have more than €100 million for capital projects in 2008, to finance our restructuring and meet our working capital needs,” he told the publication.

He described holiday sales as “good” and added that Alone in the Dark, a multiplatform title, will hit shelves in May.

However, its delay will mean that for the 2007-08 fiscal year, the company has released nothing for the PS3 or Xbox 360. He asserted “a dozen projects in the pipeline” will emerge for those consoles next year along with 30 Wii and DS games.

Leleu said his company will entrench its position with established titles, invest more in mass-market games and enhance its online presence to reestablish itself.


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