Injustice Casts Its DLC Net, Reels In Zatanna

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Zatanna, DC Comics’ most famous female magician, is the next character slated to join the Injustice: Gods Among Us roster.

Injustice: Gods Among Us may be the most popular fighting game in history, if our primary judgement criteria is audience reception of downloadable content. To date the game has received five new characters, dozens of bonus costumes and even a few new gameplay modes. Next up on the docket? Yet another new character. Specifically, the magician Zatanna.

For those of you unaware of the character, Zatanna is something of a study in how much weirdness comic book fans will accept in support of their favorite characters. Not only is Zatanna a nigh-omnipotent wizard who dresses like a sexually active magician’s assistant, but her major superpower is the ability to pronounce phrases backwards and phonetically. Apparently in the DC Comics multiverse, a bit of creative wordsmithing is all it takes to alter the laws of reality.

As far as how she plays, that clip embedded at top-right offers a quick primer. From that short vignette, it appears that she relies on both her speed and projectiles to properly position her foes, or, when that fails, she can also rush in with her teleport attacks. Unfortunately, if those teleport attacks prove too powerful, they’ll be nerfed almost immediately (as was the case with Scorpion’s hilariously fun teleport punch), leaving Zatanna a less interesting fighter.

Then again, that’s all based on speculation, based on a short video. The Zatanna DLC is currently slated to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network Store on August 13. As with the last DLC character release, Zatanna is not included in the Injustice Season Pass, and will set everyone back $5 for the privilege of using the fighter.

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