“Insane Cube Tricks” Turn Portal 2 Into Extreme Sport

There are a measure of Portal 2 spoilers in this post, but if you’ve beaten the game prepare to be amazed.

As a toddler, I was amazed by jugglers. As a teenager, I thought skateboarders were superhuman. As an adult, there’s nothing that impresses me more than someone with crazy videogame skills. That’s why this video of Portal 2 cube tricks has totally blown my mind.

YouTube’s “Schrobotindisguise” created a montage of himself doing things you never thought were possible in Portal 2. While us regular people were trying to solve puzzles the “normal” way, Schrobotindisguise was just flinging cubes all around each level with ease, getting them to land right on the buttons they were meant for. I tried to throw cubes and other objects around in my playthrough of Portal 2, but I couldn’t, so I figured it wasn’t possible. Apparently, it’s totally possible.

Sometimes he even breaks a level and it lets him through anyway. Pretty neat. Schrobotindisguise writes that he pulled off these feats on the Xbox 360 using max sensitivity (x&y) and button configuration 3. He also used a “re-portaling” technique, which is what he’s doing when you see him flying high between two portals.

These tricks were performed in every possible room that contained buttons and cubes in chapters 1 and 2 of Portal 2. It’s only the first part of a series of planned videos, with the second part and beyond featuring the same from the levels of later chapters. They’ll be something to look forward to while Valve prepares new test chambers for the free Portal 2 DLC coming out in summer.

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