Insane Mario World Glitch Video Does Terrible Things to Yoshi


This wizard-assisted “speed run” of a Super Mario World hack will have you questioning everything you ever thought you knew about the portly plumber.

You know, when you think about it, videogames really do have their own internally-established rules. Take Mario, for instance. You know that coins are good, mushrooms are good (except when they aren’t), jumping on enemies kills them and you can kick Koopa shells as extra weaponry.

But that goes all out of the window in videos like the one you see above. You see, videogames – even the best ones also have bugs. Lots of bugs. If an item is used in just one specific way that the programmer never intended to be possible, who knows what might happen?

In the video above, we see what happens when items in Super Mario World are pushed to their limits thanks to the quirks of the system. Did you know that Yoshi can stand in lava all day, provided Mario isn’t riding him and it’s a slanted lava slope? Did you know that blue P-switches and gray P-switches are the same item according to the game’s code? It’s crazy, I tell you, crazy! What’s next? Is up down? Is black white? Is Superman 64 a modern classic of our times?

I think I need to sit down.

(Via Destructoid)

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